Complaints and appeals procedure

The purpose of the procedure is to describe the system by which parties interested in obtaining a certificate or holding certificate, parties directly or indirectly interested in decisions on certification in the FSC systems or in the process of its implementation, as well as parties interested in the implementation of the applicant and / or certificate holder of his economic and other activities, can resolve disputes arising in the certification process.

Disputes arising during certification are divided into two groups:

  1. Complaint – an expression of dissatisfaction with the actions of the organization, its products or services, the methods of providing such services, the personnel that provide them and other actions the requirements for the fulfillment of which are regulated by regulatory or other mandatory requirements. These requirements were considered unreasonably violated by the party in respect of which the complaint was filed, and either explicitly or implicitly suggests response or resolution.
  2. Appeal – lodging a complaint by an interested party against a company’s decision regarding the certification process, certification decisions, complaints decisions, decisions on the deadlines for eliminating non-conformities, their extension or closure / non-closure, as well as other decisions of the certification body, when such affect the interests of any interested party.

If you have a complaint or would like to appeal, please see our operational procedure for dealing with them.

A written complaint or appeal shall be sent by e-mail: